Writing a thesis paper, you need to bear aware of the subtle differences

When writing a thesis paper, you need to bear aware of the subtle differences between a thesis and a dissertation. Although thesis papers have various similarities with dissertations, they differ in the approach used. A thesis paper involves the development of research based on an original topic upon which the research question is formulated. In writing a thesis paper, one must formulate hypotheses that one must prove, develop a methodology that would be sufficient to prove or disapprove such an hypothesis, and use appropriate data analysis methods sufficient to answer the research question posed.

When writing a thesis paper, you will need to organize your paper into various sections. At the minimum, your thesis paper will need to have an introductory section, a literature review section, a methodology section, a results sections and a discussion and conclusion section. The content for each of these sections needs to be carefully written to ensure that, as a whole, your thesis paper presents the information in a clear and concise format. For instance, the itroduction will lay the background for your paper, introduce the phenomenon under evaluation, state the papers purpose, lay out the hypotheses, and, in some cases, present the scope of the study.

The literature review provides an opportunity for one to evaluate what other authors have written on the subject in which your thesis paper is based upon. It is a chance to evaluate the gaps that may help narrow down the topic so that you can embark on research that is unique and that which offers additional information on the subject. The literature review also helps shape the methodology that you will use in the researching your topic. Further, the review will assist in selecting appropriate methods for data analysis.

After collecting the data for your research and analyzing it, the discussion section serves to provide an interpretation of such data. In this respect, you need to ensure that your discussion provides answers to the research question and specific hypotheses posed. Subsequently, based on the findings, you will need to conclude as to whether the study confirms or disproves the hypotheses posed. In arriving at either conclusion, you will need to highlight limitations of the study. Further, a good thesis paper will provide a direction as to where future research will proceed.

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